The Stag – Hampstead

67 Fleet Rd, Hampstead, London NW3 2QU

Inside: Good Pub. Straight bar, with an L-shaped interior. A little tight space-wise. Georgian style decor, but with lots of wood.

Outside: Yes. A really good large garden (by no means beautiful) with lots of seating. Great for the summer. Some seating is covered around the sides, so if you want to smoke while its pissing down, then this is a good choice.

Beer: Loads of beer available here (see pics). Good craft selection. Lots of small run beers. Hardly any super standard beers if you want a Stella Artois though.

Staff: Really nice guys, which was unsettling at first.

Crowd: 30-50 year olds originally from Buckinghamshire. Plenty of coloured chinos with baby blue shirts and Polo sunglasses. Wasn’t overly packed, but I imagine on a sunny Saturday afternoon it could be rammed.

Toilets: The men’s was small but not smelly. I don’t know any girls, so can’t tell you about the female facilities.

Worrying Things to Keep in Mind: They have live music on Sunday nights, and one of the people playing was the lead singer from the band Gomez.

Food: JP said: “Burger – Really good… Chips – Alright”. Plus, because it was Tuesday, it was half price at £6, which is a really good deal.

Final Score: 9/10

Written by CR